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We take care of and appreciate our customers, and help them save time and money.

   As an office manager, you know that saving money is key to the success of your business, and we understand that, too. And if your equipment is working, so is your office.

   Our rates are very competitive and hard to beat. 


   On-site service on all brands of equipment in the Asheville area.....$100.00

   Outside of the Asheville area.....$105 to $125 Distance is a factor.

   We do NOT charge for travel time, that's not fair!

   In shop service.....$80.00 Bring it to us and save some bucks!

  We serve the WNC area including Black Mtn., Asheville, Waynesville, Marion, Sylva, Arden, Hendersonville, Canton,
   Burnsville,  Weaverville, and surrounding areas.

    We offer service contracts on almost any brand of equipment, and includes everything from parts, labor, and toner.
    You just supply the paper!

   We are always willing to work with our customers to help them save money and successfully manage their office expenses.

   Our toner prices are hard to beat as well, please contact us for prices for your particular machine. We offer OEM cartridges, and compatible cartridges to save a few dollars.We can also refill certain cartridges.There are just too many products that we supply to list them all! Call us for before you spend too much. Everything we sell is always guaranteed!

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